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We’re not just advertisers.
We’re Creators.



Creative Consultants

Definitions can be extremely limiting and preachy, but we'll still have to give you a little know-how of what we do, and how we do what we do. We typically try to call out on how we don't function on the set guidelines of an agency, but instead prefer being called a team of extremely unconventional Gen Z's creating pure content art backed with crisp strategised communication. 

It began when 3 special little snowflakes wanted to create something even more special.


Websites can be extremely descriptive but we'd like our walk to do our talk with some of our selected work out here. Not to sound cheesy, but we're really the cheese. 

Our Work
Image by KOBU Agency


We design visual experiences. Our design language is our USP and there's nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a clean, crisp communication, in the form of production, branding & packaging, or social media.

Plastic Eyes


We’re not just advertisers. We’re Creators.

Selling your brand with traditional content methods to the world is definitely playing it safe, but here we are, 3 Gen Z’s, with nothing but extreme freshness. We understand the trends even before it hits the shore, because we create them.



We're more than filling excel sheets to give you your monthly checklist. We’re focused more on making your business win, because when you win, we win. 

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